Event venue

The Hessian State Domain Frankenhausen is the ideal venue for the Öko-Feldtage. The organic farm is centrally located outside Kassel. It has 250 ha arable land, 40 ha grassland and 8 ha conservation areas as well as modern animal husbandry.

The domain’s land has been leased by the State of Hesse to the University of Kassel since 1998. It has set up a teaching, research and transfer centre for organic farming and sustainable regional development. This ensures a fast exchange between theory and practice. The farm is certified according to the standards of the two largest organic associations in Germany, Bioland and Naturland.

The farm is the centre of the Öko-Feldtage. Visitors can visit the areas and explore the methods of teaching and researching. A dairy herd and laying hens in mobile barns are demonstrating modern animal husbandry while the farm structure with a large inner courtyard offers an ideal place to linger and refreshing.

Hessische Staatsdomäne Frankenhausen
Frankenhausen 1
34393 Grebenstein